[SCC] Update + Why Writing is like Playing Pokémon

     Current Stats     
Word Count: ~19,500 words
Current Chapter: 8

So I was writing yesterday morning before class. I finished writing up chapter 6 & 7 a few days before, and I got to a point where I wanted to advance but couldn’t. I ended up scrapping the latter half of chapter 6 and all of chapter 7, only to re-write it a different way.

Then it hit me. The process of writing is like playing Pokémon the video games.

Wait, what?

Yeah, I thought that too, but then I got to thinking. Since I’m making my way through Pokémon Black Version right now, the connections are pretty fresh, so I’m pretty sure I’m not just playing the crazy card here.

So, hear me out.


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[SP] GarageBand Adventure: CLICK EVERYTHING

Intro Track: The XX ‘s “Intro” covered by City of the Sun at Sofar NY 2014
Outro Track: New Blood” by Koda

(I highly recommend listening to City of the Sun’s whole performance on YouTube, they are AMAZING. They’re also always performing out in New York for free in the subway, Times Square, and Central Park, so next time you head out there, try finding them and listening to them live. Worth the effort.)

I learn by doing for the most part, and I’m definitely the one who tosses the IKEA instructions and jumps right in. This also applies to any sort of program. I grew up in the age of CD-Roms that you put into the drive and clicked a series of folders to get to the game. That mentality has stuck with me ever since: CLICK EVERYTHING UNTIL IT WORKS.

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[SCC] Weekly Update

Working on: Chapter 6
Word Count: ~15, 200

Weekly updates will follow from here on out. Just so I have a record of where I am and what progress I’m making with my writing. I find keeping these records is helping me, especially when I’ve found myself feeling like I haven’t accomplished much or am not getting anywhere.

My goal is to hit 80,000 words (which is standard for YA fantasy). I have room for 10,000 extra words if needed, but I would like to at leasts hit 80,000 by the start of May. So far, I’m on good track. I’ve learned how to squeeze in the writing throughout my schedule, so I’m at least writing a little bit everyday, even if it means I have to push homework a little. But it’s all good. The progress is what matters.


[SCC] Happy Birthday Sirenia!

Happy birthday to the protagonist of my series SCC: Wilters Sirenia de los Santos!

Here’s a look back on her in some older drawings (2013-2015)


And her now [finally!]

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[SCC] Chapter 2 Available!

Head over to sccwilters.weebly.com to read the latest chapter to my series Shadow Children Chronicles: Wilters.



Chapters Completed: 4 + prologue

Current Word Count: ~11,430

Words on the progress: I’m taking less classes than what I’ve been taking before and I recently reduced my hours at work. I’ve got a cheap laptop I bring around everywhere, I get to campus an hour and a half earlier than my late morning (9:50) class. Although i juggle between wanting to write, read ahead for class, and/or play Pokemon Black version, I am managing to get some writing in as I wait for classes through the day. I’m also making progress on the audiobook! Guys! It’s looking like a good semester! I should have the draft ready and [relatively] revised by May and have it out to my contact this June!!!!!


Gif courtesy of wifflegif.com; Show: New Girl on Fox

[SP] Oh GIMP, You’ll have to Do

I’ve had a lot of experience with PhotoShop since way back in middle school, and I primarily thank that to MySpace (who I also thank for introducing me to HTML and CSS). I’ve done standard photo touch-ups for pictures my family likes to blow up or send to relatives to doing photo-manipulations for mock-up book covers. I’ve got a bunch of mock-up cover examples HERE.

waiting for a miracle

Stock image courtesy of Dazzle-Stock on DeviantArt; Edits done by me and was originally posted to my old DeviantArt account that was deactivated.

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