[SP] Jing-a-ling-a-NOT


Gif courtesy of giphy.com; Cersei Lannister from George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones

Yeah…Jing was a no. 

Podcasting was great because I could record things as much as I wanted. I could easily cut and edit it as I wanted. Jing….it’s one continuous shot. I did about five recordings before I shoved Jing aside and decided to do it another way, aka QuickTime+iMovie and then record the final video with Jing. #teamimprovise #sorrynotsorry

UPDATE: The recording of the video using Jing had terrible audio quality. So I just uploaded it to Google Drive.

QuickTime does give you an option to record your screen where you can talk right over it as well. You can save the video clips individually (I like breaking it down and then bringing it together. I never could do anything in one straight go). So I saved different segments and then weaved them together on iMovie (which I have experience using, so I didn’t mind).

I definitely like having the control over what’s being shown and said, primarily because I stumble on words all the time and I just don’t have the patience to re-record the video if I stumble (and I’m too self-conscious to continue after stumbling). I’m more of a written communicator than a verbal communicator for that very reason.

But I will say, if you’re great with verbal communication and you’re all about jumping right in (without mind of stumbling or re-recording), Jing would be great for you. It is free (always a plus), easy to use, readily available (because it’s right there in the corner of your screen), and makes it easy to share. The instructions that came with Jing were easy to use and the interactive component really ingrained the experience into me. I may use it in the future to simply record drawings I digitalize and color on the computer to share my techniques. I do watch a lot of art tutorials where the user answers questions or talks about their process as they sketch, draw, and finalize their art digitally. This also come sin handy for gamers who want to do a walk through or quickly show viewers what a game is like before their viewers go out and buy it. I know my brother watches a ton of walk thoughts and reviews of a game before he buys it himself.

I think screencasting is great for user who primarily work online and with digital media and wish to teach other. So gamers, artists, program users (PhotoShop, GarageBand, Jing, WordPress–we’ve watched them ourselves in the past few weeks). It really engages users and gives them a visual layout of what looks right. It’s great for visual learners (such as myself).

So it isn’t all that bad. I just like making things difficult for myself.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 7.53.48 PM

The blog I decided to share is theprettybooks.wordpress.com, a blog I recently found and started following. Her blog is something I definitely wish I could work my own blog towards in terms of reading books and my writing process. I want to share different titles and my thoughts on books as well as share my experiences as a writer navigating her way through life jumping between writing, reading, and doing other things.

Without further ado, here’s my tour of her blog!

>> theprettybooks.wordpress.com screen cast video <<

Song:The Name of Life” composed by Joe Hisaishi for Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away (2001).




2 thoughts on “[SP] Jing-a-ling-a-NOT

  1. I guess I’ve never really minded listening to a screen cast where the individual stutters or pauses a few times because it was them just naturally speaking. But you made me formulate a new POV. If the screen cast is trying to essentially “sell” something (sort of how you are selling her blog), getting it close to perfection wouldn’t hurt. On the other hand, if the audience is just looking for an instructional video, the quality of the speaker isn’t as much of a factor. So that being said, I thought you sold her blog very well. It is highly organized, all her posts are thoroughly informative, and she does something I believe is important to keeping followers – she posts on a regular basis. This lets her audience know she is serious about her passion for books in order to gain their respect. You did an excellent and quality job highlighting her blog. The cover pictures from the US and the UK is a smart idea. The current reads widget is as well. Nice job and good luck if you start something similar!

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