[SP] Help Spread the Word! (If you’d like)

Lots of fun things to update you guys on regarding the SCC:Wilters project.

9266824First, remember how I mentioned I like doing mock-up book covers? Yeah? Well I like making a mock-up cover for every new draft I have of my manuscript, something that suits the story a little more. I really liked the last cover I was working with, but the title changed (I added an -s) and, like the dummy I am, forgot to save the .xcf file of the cover (I used GIMP). So I can’t just make the few adjustments to get that darn -s in. I literally have to make the whole cover from scratch, which is a pain in the ass because I did this (like) a year ago? I can’t even remember how I did a few things. I used faestock’s stock on DeviantArt. Her stock is phenomenal, so if you ever do any mock-up covers as well, go check her stuff out–very versatile. Also make sure to look at her stock rules as well. It’s pretty lax and easy to follow 🙂

I have a new manuscript so a new mock-up cover was probably going to happen anyway. Here it is! Well, a background version. I’m still working on trying to orient it for my proof copies (not for sale). I also like keeping physical prints of each manuscript for record keeping 😉 They all suck. But here the new mock up!

cover poster 3

Stock credits to: MariaAmanda on DeviantArt; Photography credits to: Jan Holte Teller

I kinda love it. It’s not there yet, but I do love it and will probably get a print of it for myself because I like fangirling over my own projects. It’s so ego-centric and gross. But just think of me as a mom who’s really proud her kid get to be a tree in their school’s production!

More fun news: The first draft of the manuscript was ~83,000 words. Some chapters were mere rough skeletons of chapters, so I expected to have more than 83,000 as a final word count. I’m currently editing Chapter 41 of 49. I have 44 of 49 chapters written (I added some chapters last night). And then I checked my word count and holy cows I hit 95,000 words!!! That’s a good thing because I’m within the range of YA Fantasy, but also a bad thing because I need to keep the manuscript from surpassing 100,000 because I am just looking for a agent/editor and I know they’re really strict with word counts for new authors. But we’ll see. I’ll probably hit 101,000 at the most (hopefully!) If anything, I’m doing one more read through before I submit it anywhere. I can cut down on areas where there are too much description or areas that yell, “haha, spoiler for next book!”I should be fine. I hope I’ll be fine. By the Saints, please let me be fine.

Anyway! The point of this blog post.

Help spread the word of the project and/or this blog!

Use #sccwilters!

I’d be fine with anything at this point.

It’s important that writers have some sort of following on any platform, whether it’s a blog on WordPress, blogger, or LiveJournal, a Twitter account, Instagram, Facebook page, a YouTube channel, or even on something like WattPad of Fanfiction.net. Sarah J. Maas (bless her soul) started her Throne of Glass series on FictionPress (she has this great thank you letter to her FictionPress readers). The reason her book had such a great kick-off (and fantastic development) is because she had readers the moment her book was out. She had readers who knew the story from it’s early beginnings and were excited to the direction publishing has pushed it into. It’s important for writers to connect with their readers (all the love!!).

The one thing I really loved about the idea of being a writer is sharing the story with others and being able to talk with them about the characters and being in love with it all as a group. Don’t get me wrong, fangirling in my room all on my own over two characters who will end up falling for each other (spoiler: not Xzavian & Sirenia, though…*says spoiler but never shares it*) is fun and all, but the more the merrier, yeah? I realized how much I loved reading and writing because of the discussions I had with others about what we loved and didn’t love about books we read. I want that discussion to happen with my book, reason why I’m working toward getting it published. I can’t be sloth and let it sit there and waste away (unless it really is that shitty).

So here’s how you can help:

  • Tweet a line from one of my posted chapters or retweet a tweet of some of my concept art on Twitter. Use #sccwilters! My Twitter account is @joheneps
  • Repost any of my concept art or mock-up covers on Instagram. Tag me and use #sccwilters in the description. My Instagram account is @halloimjo
  • Go read the first 4 chapters on Sccwilterschapters.weebly.com and share the site on your blog or in a Facebook post, Twitter tweet, or Instagram snapshot.
    • I still need others who can read the chapters and send back some feedback. The project won’t be at its best without some fresh eyes cutting it apart 😉
  • Contact me to be a reader!
    • I’m still looking for a few more beta-readers, so if you’re interested, please do shoot me an e-mail at joheneps@gmail.com

If you don’t want to follow me on anything, that’s a-o-k! No hurt feelings. You can simply repost any of my photos and use the hashtag >> #sccwilters << or tweet the project or anything you’d like to do!

It’s all up to you guys, just know if you do it, I will love you and will likely send you a free copy if this thing ever goes into print. Free copy, signed, and personalized :’D

Okay, I’m getting gross desperate now, so I’m gonna go.




Johene Pauline




4 thoughts on “[SP] Help Spread the Word! (If you’d like)

  1. Haha “gross desperate”… I know what you mean. That’s what I felt like in my post too. I think it’s beneficial for you to be active as a writer on multiple platforms in addition to WordPress like Twitter and Instagram and Weebly. This will spread your content much further to a wider audience.
    I loved following your blog this semester. I think you did a phenomenal job overall, and I hope you keep up with it. It has a professional look while still maintaining a personal feel to it. You engage your audience well, especially by inviting them to be active participants in your books by letting them be readers. All the best.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You deserve people to keep sharing your work beyond this blog! You’ve worked so hard on updating this blog, not only for the sake of this class, but for your own personal interest. Providing alternate ways for people to keep up with you and what’s going on is a great idea. I hope you keep up with it and wish you the best of luck with the book!

    Liked by 1 person

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