Guess who is alive!

First and foremost, I am a hypocrite. Why? Because I said I would have all these posts ready for the summer season since I don’t have school and my schedule opens up, so I’ll have more time to write and read things and so on.

Well, seeing that my last post also happens to be around the same time classes ended, it’s clear I didn’t stick to my word of keeping the blog up for the summer. I mean, it is August, and I’m posting now…so…maybe it still counts.


I feel you Brit. I feel you.


But I will try to keep up with things for the school year (PS, I graduate this year!!). I find the academic year to be…motivating when it comes to needing to be productive (which also means I have no idea what to do with myself in terms of productivity when I’m no longer a student). Yay for a post-grad life!

But here’s a quick update as to what I’ve been doing since my last post, for those who wonder. Let me warn you, it isn’t very exciting. Compared to what other people do for the summer that is…

  1. Work. Work. Work. Work. Work. And because the other bookstore at my university has suddenly closed and we are now the only bookstore left, we’re kinda swamped with orders and freaking out about Fall Rush. I come home dead tired for the most part to do anything but passively consume media…and eat.

    Little late, Hon. We’ve been panicking since Rental Returns

    2. POKEMON GO. Team Instinct for the win! And our team leader, Spark, yeah, he’s derpy and all, but our team has more fun than all you Mystics and Valors! Plus, Egg Moma! I’m currently level 22 and have caught almost everything spawning around me :\ I need to travel.

    Photo Aug 08, 8 20 47 PM

    I’ll make you proud Team Leader Spark <( T.T )>

    3. 365 Daily Doodles! I don’t know why I jumped to 365 Daily Doodles right away, but I did. I should have done a 30 Day Drawing Challenge thing instead, but I’m an overachiever who forgets I have a limit and need to see the outside world and decides to do everything and then freaks out about it. I doodle and draw things for my book and some other random stuff too. So maybe go check it out and give it a follow @psitsjo? Here is a few things you’ll find (sketches, outlined pieces, colored pieces, digital illustrations, maps, some (?) fanart, and so on):

You can view a video flip through of Days 1-54 (?) HERE.

4. Writing. I actually sent out my manuscript to my contact who’s supposed to connect me with a publisher agent back in July. There was a lot of anxiety with clicking that send button, but it was done. As of today, there hasn’t been much news aside from that and the fact that I’m working through another layer of revisions (good writing is all about the re-writing, am I write? pun intended). So that’s a thing I’m waiting on. That and word about an internship I applied for with a publisher for the fall semester. We’ll see, we’ll see.

5. AUDIOBOOKS. Thank the Saints my job is the type where we can listen to music as long as we have only one headphone in (the music station gets boring and the managers understand). But I’ve audiobooked a few titles during the school year, so I decided instead of listening to music, I’ll listen to audiobooks. I get through almost three hours on average per day that I work and listen to audiobooks, which makes time go faster and also keeps me interested. Since summer started (after rental returns, so June) I’ve listened to 8 audiobooks (I’ll post a collection of mini reviews in a few weeks with some thoughts and ratings and such). But a huge yes to audiobooks and I’ll post a separate post on my opinion of audiobooks. *Wink*Wink* It’s a positive one.

Also, I’ve been binging Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Cycle, and holy shitting cows am I in love. I’ll make a special post on this one. But just know, I am Ronan Trash. And with news of her outlining a trilogy centering around Ronan Lynch, I’m kinda, sorta, maybe, really freaking out. I’m so down for it. Even if I’m eighty and walking with a cane and live in a house with four-hundred cats, I will read that series. RONAN IS LIFE…and my spirit animal.

6. Part of Number 4- Plotting out Book 2 of SCC:Wilters! Just a basic idea of where I want it to go, what topics I want to cover, which characters I want to work with and so on. Nothing is set in stone, and with this new round of revisions, my current book 2 plot may change.

7. Binge watching things on Netflix and other stuff. Including: Stranger Things (!!!!), Voltron, Outlander, and I forgot what else.But Stranger Things & Voultron are fantastic. Outlander…Jamie’s kinda having a hard time winning my heart…so…yeah.


And that’s pretty much it for my summer. Took a week off to spend time with my two best friends (still the best week of the summer). I’m not sleeping much, but hey, I’m getting a ton of other things done in the meantime. Still snacking my way through life (fun story, I ate so much one time that I actually had to vomit to feel better. My co-workers never fail to bring it up when I contemplate on eating several things for lunch). So…yeah. This post seems a bit rushed because I’m hungry and I’ve got some smoked salmon downstairs, so I’ll go now and get back to posting regularly…eventually. I promise this time!






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