[SP] Help Spread the Word! (If you’d like)

Lots of fun things to update you guys on regarding the SCC:Wilters project.

9266824First, remember how I mentioned I like doing mock-up book covers? Yeah? Well I like making a mock-up cover for every new draft I have of my manuscript, something that suits the story a little more. I really liked the last cover I was working with, but the title changed (I added an -s) and, like the dummy I am, forgot to save the .xcf file of the cover (I used GIMP). So I can’t just make the few adjustments to get that darn -s in. I literally have to make the whole cover from scratch, which is a pain in the ass because I did this (like) a year ago? I can’t even remember how I did a few things. I used faestock’s stock on DeviantArt. Her stock is phenomenal, so if you ever do any mock-up covers as well, go check her stuff out–very versatile. Also make sure to look at her stock rules as well. It’s pretty lax and easy to follow 🙂

I have a new manuscript so a new mock-up cover was probably going to happen anyway. Here it is! Well, a background version. I’m still working on trying to orient it for my proof copies (not for sale). I also like keeping physical prints of each manuscript for record keeping 😉 They all suck. But here the new mock up!

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[SP] Going Up Against the Pros

[SCC] Update: Revising Chapter 31…but might end up scrapping 5 chapters and rewriting them all together. But I am caught up with applying my revision comments to my digital copies (I revise longhand), so not is all lost!

Anyway, I’ve kind of been slacking on posts lately, which isn’t a surprise seeing finals are rolling around (classes end in 2 weeks! May 2 to be more specific). I’ve got a final story to make for my creative writing non-fiction class, another paper for my Ethnic lit class, a reflexive paper for this class, an exam for my food & health class, and then a group project for my other DCIM class (which let me tell you, is the most frustrating experience I’ve ever had with a group project–no lie). I’m swamped with school work, and the fact I’m really trying to finish major revisions for SCC:Wilters by the end of this month so I can do copy edits in May and have the manuscript out by early June just makes me even more stressed out. But it’s okay! All will be okay once finals are done. I got this, we got this, we’re going to be okay.


Dear Kendrik, your song has been my anthem for everything lately.

To the point of this post: how does my blog compare to other blogs I try to aspire to.

Some weeks back I wrote this post for class where I explore a blog. I picked a blog I really want to aspire towards in terms of aesthetics and content. I’ve found an aesthetic that I like and feel suits me, so I’m happy with that. I have my blog broken down to make it easy for my audience to navigate whether they’re on my blog for my writing (fiction, non-fiction, writing advice) or for my talk on books (which isn’t many just yet). I looked at a handful of book and writing blogs to get a sense of what my stuff should look like and what content my posts should include (like what should a book review cover and what are my rating guidelines). I try to implement the little things I learn from a mixture of bloggers into my own posts as I try to figure out what I like and don’t like. By following a handful of blogs in the book community, I’ve come to learn about the different tags and Top 5 list posts blogs make in order to keep up with consistent posting, which I may take part in once my schedule opens up and I start reading more.

So far my blog is still within the starting phases of where I would like it to be. I want to write more posts on books I read (I haven’t posted a review even though I’ve read four books since my last book review) and write more formal posts on my writing process and different aspects of being a writer. I just really need to make time in my schedule to get to it. And it’s not that blogging has suddenly become a chore, I’m absolutely immersed in it once I start a draft, but  just have to sit down and get started.

It’s kind of like how I write in general. I’ll procrastinate by wandering the house, texting friends (what friends, Jo? Stop lying to people), surf social media, eat, watch something on Netflix, AND THEN settle to write. So technically, blogging has fallen into my usual writing process as I would write for anything else. Good or bad thing, I haven’t figured that out just yet.


Accurate gif because I am lost and I am dead. Ps. Warm Bodies the book is phenomenal. The movie was eh.

What I’m really proud of though is my intermingling of writing and reading. Initially this was going to strictly be a writing blog, but then I saw book blogs and I just had to do book blogging too…because, you know, BOOKS ❤ But I find that I can’t do either or without the other. The two things have been such an integral part of my life that writing and books are literally all I talk about in real life (book lion for life!). It’s kind of really boring and gross unless you’re into that 😉 Anyway, so my blog oscillate between the two topics. I post on book topics and writing topics alike, often times posts will include something on both or reference one or the other. It happens all the time I noticed. But that is what may kind of make my blog stand out a little. Granted, I’m not the only writing/book blog out there that does this magical intermingling, but I’m not getting to be one of them!

But yeah.

Writing and reading…and drawing. I draw too but I don’t really have much to talk about in terms of drawing because drawing just makes me more frustrated than anything else in the world. But I’ll leave you with these pictures because it’s writing related. Some concept art/character designs for SCC:Wilters

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 5.14.49 PM

The brotp that doesn’t even know it’s a brotp yet.

Character Designs copy

A reference sheet so I remember what characters look like because I don’t remember who has gold eyes versus who has green or blue. I’m terrible.


Johene Pauline

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[DCIM] Pink Beard Option Please

Fanart, what a wonderful time to be alive when Fanart is alive and well and plenty. It’s beautiful to be part of a fandom, whether it be book, movie, television show, artist or other, and find a plethora of Fanart online. Sites like Tumblr and DeviantArt make it easy for fans to gain access to FanArt and share FanArt as well. It was on Tumblr I found artists like Burdge & Viria, both Tumblr famous for their contributions to fandoms such as Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and a variety of animes (bless their souls) that inspired me to jump in with my own contribution. They (and many others) make drawings that follow canon and/or are part of AUs (alternate universes). They also make scenes that take place in the canon universe but fill in plots that were never explored or expanded on.

Fanart is more about taking characters that already exist and creating art with them. It’s not necessarily about creating yourself in the universe of that character, like this week’s assignment post. That’s more along the line of creating an OC (original character) that will then take part of that universe. But at the same time, maybe OC-art is still Fanart, considering OC-driven stories taking place in existing universes still falls under fanfiction.

Either ways, here are my “contributions” to The Peanut Movie and the remake of Powerpuff Girls (and thank heavens in the original art style) using their official Peanutize & Powerpuff Yourself games.


wallpaper (1)

As you can see, both games have very different art styles, one more CGI and the other tradition 2-D. They offer a handful of options for each of their customizable settings (eyes, hair, clothes, items, backgrounds), appealing to a somewhat wide range of audiences from men and women, kids and adults. Both are fun, but I did have some issues with the Peanut Movie game.

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[SP] Picture That!

Ever wonder what editing and revising might look like for some writers? Here’s a picture:

Red Ink

Red Ink” provided by Christopher Long on Flickr

And this goes for any sort of writing. It could be as simple as blog post (like this), maybe an English paper, or an original manuscript.

Sometimes when I edit, the editing just goes in circles that I no longer know what I’m doing, and I have to print a clean copy of the page again to start fresh (with an idea of where I’m supposed to go). That is why I am thankful for MLA format sometimes: there’s one inch margins all around and space between lines so I can insert new sentences and for line edits. Christopher Long is totally making use of the one inch margins. Good job, Christopher Long!


Under the Creative Common’s License, I can use Long’s work in my blog for educational purposes, and here’s the breakdown:

  1. Purpose: The image is being used for a blog post that is specifically meant for a nonprofit educational institution. It is being used strictly for an assignment (with some of comments from my part to make it relate to my blog, which centers around writing). The access to this image is somewhat restricted to peers in my class who are following me and other bloggers of WordPress who are following me. By no means am I gaining monetary profit from the use of this image.
  2. Nature: The image was published on Flickr by user Christopher long, by which he has allowed other users to use his work with some rights reserved (no monetization of the image allowed)
  3. Amount: This is only one image of many that Long has posted on his Flickr account which is only part of a single post on my blog, not many. The amount used is appropriate for this blog post, as we are only required to use one image.
  4. Effect: I acquired the copy of the original work directly through Flickr using their Share->Embed option, linking back to Long’s original post on Flickr.

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[SP] Writing Memes: “Haha, Same”

Much memes, me like.

Internet Meme is a language which I am quite fluent in. I drop references throughout the day that get my co-workers, friends, and family asking me to shut the hell up. I can’t help it though, memes are a part of me and my everyday life.

My favorite memes include:

But as a writer, this meme wins:


This was the most accurate one out there, particularly for me (there are a ton of other variations). All the other ones had family members thinking you being a writer equates to something magical (or simply sleeping), but for me, my parents are overly concerned with my financial status as a writer, aka, they think I’ll be homeless and broke.

Which is okay so long as I can buy pens and paper to keep on writing. The last picture is pretty accurate, but I also have a tendency to distract myself for an hour when I sit myself down to write before actually writing (and getting to the point in the picture). This often includes me going downstairs to bother my brother, taking a snack break, watching something on Netflix, going through e-mails (every five minutes), using social media, and setting myself up to write (get the candle, get my playlist started, pull out all documents I’ll need, grab some more snacks from the kitchen, get into pajamas, and down several shots of Jack Daniels). I’m kidding on the last one. 

Some other writer memes that are my favorite or my reaction is literally “Same”:

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[SP] Social Media Promo[no]tion

I’m sorry Prof., this will be the one blog post that doesn’t exactly follow the assignment… Here goes it:

Okay, I’ll be honest and say I didn’t want to write up this blog post because I often think social media shout-outs are bogus unless there’s a legitimate reason why you’d shout-out a person’s social media information, and not simply because you’re doing a Promo-for-Promo kind of thing. 132687-funny-rihanna-follow-for-follow

I say this because I had a relatively bad experience with this dosomething-for-something thing that happens online (wow, Jo. “thing” is such an educated word for an English major), and since then I just don’t do it.

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