Guess who is alive!

First and foremost, I am a hypocrite. Why? Because I said I would have all these posts ready for the summer season since I don’t have school and my schedule opens up, so I’ll have more time to write and read things and so on.

Well, seeing that my last post also happens to be around the same time classes ended, it’s clear I didn’t stick to my word of keeping the blog up for the summer. I mean, it is August, and I’m posting now…so…maybe it still counts.


I feel you Brit. I feel you.


But I will try to keep up with things for the school year (PS, I graduate this year!!). I find the academic year to be…motivating when it comes to needing to be productive (which also means I have no idea what to do with myself in terms of productivity when I’m no longer a student). Yay for a post-grad life!

But here’s a quick update as to what I’ve been doing since my last post, for those who wonder. Let me warn you, it isn’t very exciting. Compared to what other people do for the summer that is…

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[BT/WT] Why I don’t Read while I Revise

[SCC] Update: Currently revising Chapter 24. Now onward to the post!


We’ve got to read often, read as much as possible, and read a wide variety as well. Some of us will spend hours reading, finishing a book in a day or two, maybe longer depending on reading speed and the length of the book. Others will read in bursts through the day–minutes before a class, on a train/bus commute, while in line, waiting for an appointment, while the kids are asleep. Some will read while they do other things–while running on a treadmill, in the shower or during a bath, as they cook (I just prop my book open on the spice rack). Either ways, we have to get some reading time in almost everyday.


Especially if I have my headphones on. Just…please don’t interrupt the movie inside my head. Please…unless you’ve read the book and would like to discuss something, then we’ll be best friends, even if we don’t agree on things.

I’m the latter types of reader (oh, there are so many more types, I just listed 3). Especially during the academic year when I’m kind of forced to prioritize my readings for classes (also I’m an English major with a creative writing concentration), I don’t get the luxury to sit down for a few hours to read every night. I don’t think any person in college does to be honest. Academics will shove itself in your face no matter what major you are.

Anyway! I do have a lot of time between classes or while I wait for things to happen. If I don’t decide to get ahead with readings for class, I’ll read an e-book on my phone or listen to an audiobook, or whatever book I happen to have stashed in my backpack.

During the summer, I’m the first reader mentioned. I get home from work, change into pajamas, grab a book, snacks, and drink, and head over to my reading chair beside the window and read for a few hours. That is the life I would love to have…even if I become a hobo. Give me books and I’m okay living in a box…or beneath the bridge…or in the park.

Now, when I write, I keep my academic reading pattern (read in small bursts). A little less because I have to make room to write in these bursts moments as well, but I do get some reading done.

On the other hand, when I revise my writing all books stay shut (unless I have to read for class) until I’m done revising. And why do I not read while I revise?

It’s rooted in the power of influence.

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When I Doubt being an English Major

[SCC] Update: Currently revising Chapter 21

So I recently met with an advisor to go over all my requirements for my English degree. I’m finishing earlier than I expected, then again, I took 2-4 English/Creative Writing courses every semester. I still have another year left of college and I’m planning out my schedule, and I’m finding myself itching to take more English/Creative Writing courses still. Don’t get me wrong, I probably should, but taking so many in the early years of college happened to put me behind on finding a minor (I have one now!) and finishing my university’s CORE requirements. Good thing I have one year left, huh?

But the funny thing is,  now that I’ve [almost] finished my English requirements, I’ve started to question my decision of being an English major (bro, you’re too late).


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[SP] Social Media Promo[no]tion

I’m sorry Prof., this will be the one blog post that doesn’t exactly follow the assignment… Here goes it:

Okay, I’ll be honest and say I didn’t want to write up this blog post because I often think social media shout-outs are bogus unless there’s a legitimate reason why you’d shout-out a person’s social media information, and not simply because you’re doing a Promo-for-Promo kind of thing. 132687-funny-rihanna-follow-for-follow

I say this because I had a relatively bad experience with this dosomething-for-something thing that happens online (wow, Jo. “thing” is such an educated word for an English major), and since then I just don’t do it.

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[WT] The Importance of Critique Partners

Five days into spring break and this seems to be the only post I can muster. Chinese food has wondrous powers, including the ability to make me reconsider everything I’ve ever written up to this point (not that much, might I say). But I’ll save that fun post for Friday’s update. Today, let’s talk critique partners.


You are Spongebob and Squidward is your critique partner after a few weeks working together.

Critique partners are people I run to when I’ve buried myself into a ditch with my writing, which happens more often than not. I want to call them something else aside from “critique partners” because “critique” gives me anxiety, even if there is good criticism. I’ll come up with a cool word eventually. Update on Friday?

Anyway, here are five things to look for in a critique partner + extra tips on finding them:

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[SCC] Update + “Deadlines”

Word Count: ~31,800
Current Chapter: 12

Small progress this week because I had two mid-terms to study for. I’m really hoping I get to catch up on some writing this coming week (spring break!), but I’m also really hoping I can catch up on some reading (Lady Midnight just dropped this past Tuesday) and some shows on Netflix. I’m really hoping I can at least hit 50,000 words by the end of the next week, I really need to pick up the pace because my deadline is rolling around the corner (May).

Here’s the story behind my “deadline:”

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[WT] Balancing Writing & College

I was able to whip out a 100,000+ manuscript in three months back in high school and get it revised within a month after that. I thought, WOW, I could do this all throughout college and get published before I graduate.


Boy was I wrong. Oh, so, disappointingly wrong and delusional.


College (and work) takes over your life (at least it did for me). There’s this Pick Two meme that circulates pretty often. You pick two between the three options of sleep, good grades, and having a social life. Knowing me, sleep is great (as much as I wish I could only sleep two hours and work like that), but I get pretty light headed if I don’t at least get six hours of sleep. So sleep is a necessity. I get good grades for the sake of my parents because they did let me drop my Pre-Med track to take up an English major. So social life, which I often sub for writing/reading life, had to be reduced/cut.


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But here’s the thing. Writing and reading keeps me mentally and emotionally stable. Literally. So how do I balance the three options? The answer differs for everyone, and it took me two and a half years to figure this one out. Continue reading