[SP] GarageBand Adventure: CLICK EVERYTHING

Intro Track: The XX ‘s “Intro” covered by City of the Sun at Sofar NY 2014
Outro Track: New Blood” by Koda

(I highly recommend listening to City of the Sun’s whole performance on YouTube, they are AMAZING. They’re also always performing out in New York for free in the subway, Times Square, and Central Park, so next time you head out there, try finding them and listening to them live. Worth the effort.)

I learn by doing for the most part, and I’m definitely the one who tosses the IKEA instructions and jumps right in. This also applies to any sort of program. I grew up in the age of CD-Roms that you put into the drive and clicked a series of folders to get to the game. That mentality has stuck with me ever since: CLICK EVERYTHING UNTIL IT WORKS.

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