Meet the Editor

Just passing through

Rocking Barney beanies and Pokemon varsity jackets since 2000. (Photo courtesy of my dad)

My name is Johene Pauline Sindac, but I go by Jo for everyone’s sake. I’m a junior attending Rutgers University majoring in English; minoring in Digital Communication, Information, and Media Studies; and working toward a Creative Writing certificate with a concentration in fiction.

When I’m not trying to pace myself with readings and assignments for classes, I can be found working the stacks of the university’s bookstore or sitting outside when the weather’s nice. My writing is at its best at night, but I find myself writing throughout the day between classes, while commuting, or while waiting for anything. Audiobooks have been a Saint’s blessing and e-books too, but physical books will always have a special place in my heart (and my growing library).

I’m currently working on a creative project called Shadow Children Chronicles: Wilters. More information can be found HERE.

A Few Fun Facts:

  • I’ve wanted to be a cat lady since second grade. Neko Atsume hasn’t been any help changing my mind.
  • I can only study to the Disney playlist on Pandora (and the Studio Ghibli playlist on YouTube when things get rough).
  • If you ever need someone to make dinosaur, cat, or bird noises for anything, I’m your gal!
  • I will productively procrastinate to avoid doing homework. Productive procrastination involves painting, DIY projects, rearranging my room, and binging shows I’ve fallen behind on.
  • My top 3 Studio Ghibli films: Howl’s Moving CastleWhisper of the HeartSpirited Away. Then again, all SG’s movies are great.
  • Favorite book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (life changer).