[SP] Picture That!

Ever wonder what editing and revising might look like for some writers? Here’s a picture:

Red Ink

Red Ink” provided by Christopher Long on Flickr

And this goes for any sort of writing. It could be as simple as blog post (like this), maybe an English paper, or an original manuscript.

Sometimes when I edit, the editing just goes in circles that I no longer know what I’m doing, and I have to print a clean copy of the page again to start fresh (with an idea of where I’m supposed to go). That is why I am thankful for MLA format sometimes: there’s one inch margins all around and space between lines so I can insert new sentences and for line edits. Christopher Long is totally making use of the one inch margins. Good job, Christopher Long!


Under the Creative Common’s License, I can use Long’s work in my blog for educational purposes, and here’s the breakdown:

  1. Purpose: The image is being used for a blog post that is specifically meant for a nonprofit educational institution. It is being used strictly for an assignment (with some of comments from my part to make it relate to my blog, which centers around writing). The access to this image is somewhat restricted to peers in my class who are following me and other bloggers of WordPress who are following me. By no means am I gaining monetary profit from the use of this image.
  2. Nature: The image was published on Flickr by user Christopher long, by which he has allowed other users to use his work with some rights reserved (no monetization of the image allowed)
  3. Amount: This is only one image of many that Long has posted on his Flickr account which is only part of a single post on my blog, not many. The amount used is appropriate for this blog post, as we are only required to use one image.
  4. Effect: I acquired the copy of the original work directly through Flickr using their Share->Embed option, linking back to Long’s original post on Flickr.

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When I Doubt being an English Major

[SCC] Update: Currently revising Chapter 21

So I recently met with an advisor to go over all my requirements for my English degree. I’m finishing earlier than I expected, then again, I took 2-4 English/Creative Writing courses every semester. I still have another year left of college and I’m planning out my schedule, and I’m finding myself itching to take more English/Creative Writing courses still. Don’t get me wrong, I probably should, but taking so many in the early years of college happened to put me behind on finding a minor (I have one now!) and finishing my university’s CORE requirements. Good thing I have one year left, huh?

But the funny thing is,  now that I’ve [almost] finished my English requirements, I’ve started to question my decision of being an English major (bro, you’re too late).


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[BT] Books that Shaped my Life

We all have those few books that have changed our lives in small or large ways. Here are just a few titles/series that have made major differences in my life.

1. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer


I am guilty. Although my parents say I was an avid reader as a kid, the truth was I carried around books to look smart. But once our school’s librarian suggested I read Twilight when I was in 8th grade, I was on a reading streak for five years after that. I didn’t read the book right away when it was recommended, but I did pick up a copy for my nine hour flight from Hungary (I did a student exchange thing). After I showed my parents all the pictures I took while on the trip, I went straight to my room and finished Twilight. By that time, book four was just coming out, so I had to catch up in the series. I read late into the night and woke up two hours earlier than usual to do so. I was in love with the series and it was my introduction to Paranormal Fantasies, Young Adult literature, and being the reader that I am today. I read troves of books after Twilight. Plus, the covers were gorgeous.

I hated the movies. Don’t talk to me about it, even if I did have an Edward and Jacob closet poster. I will talk about the fact I read it and enjoyed it in eighth grade and how it shaped me as a reader, but I won’t talk about anything else concerning it.

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[SP] Writing Memes: “Haha, Same”

Much memes, me like.

Internet Meme is a language which I am quite fluent in. I drop references throughout the day that get my co-workers, friends, and family asking me to shut the hell up. I can’t help it though, memes are a part of me and my everyday life.

My favorite memes include:

But as a writer, this meme wins:


This was the most accurate one out there, particularly for me (there are a ton of other variations). All the other ones had family members thinking you being a writer equates to something magical (or simply sleeping), but for me, my parents are overly concerned with my financial status as a writer, aka, they think I’ll be homeless and broke.

Which is okay so long as I can buy pens and paper to keep on writing. The last picture is pretty accurate, but I also have a tendency to distract myself for an hour when I sit myself down to write before actually writing (and getting to the point in the picture). This often includes me going downstairs to bother my brother, taking a snack break, watching something on Netflix, going through e-mails (every five minutes), using social media, and setting myself up to write (get the candle, get my playlist started, pull out all documents I’ll need, grab some more snacks from the kitchen, get into pajamas, and down several shots of Jack Daniels). I’m kidding on the last one. 

Some other writer memes that are my favorite or my reaction is literally “Same”:

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[SCC] Update + Finished


Final Word Count: ~83,000

Total Chapters: 45





No, I did not just whip out 50,000 words in a week (I can’t even do Nanowrimo…except for that one time). I’m not that crazy and sleep does call, but I did whip out ~25,000.

The manuscript was officially finished on Tuesday night (March 22, 2016) and I’ve been going through some edits (I’m only on chapter 6 with edits). But I’ll detail more below!

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[SP] Social Media Promo[no]tion

I’m sorry Prof., this will be the one blog post that doesn’t exactly follow the assignment… Here goes it:

Okay, I’ll be honest and say I didn’t want to write up this blog post because I often think social media shout-outs are bogus unless there’s a legitimate reason why you’d shout-out a person’s social media information, and not simply because you’re doing a Promo-for-Promo kind of thing. 132687-funny-rihanna-follow-for-follow

I say this because I had a relatively bad experience with this dosomething-for-something thing that happens online (wow, Jo. “thing” is such an educated word for an English major), and since then I just don’t do it.

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[SCC] Update + Killing Your Darlings

Current Stats:
Word Count: 13,462
Chapter: 7

My goal was to hit 50,000 words by today, but that mentality was when I was on a “I’m currently at ~31,800 words” track. 50,000 words would have been possible, had I not eaten Chinese food and gone crazy and decide to scrap those 31,800 words and start again. I still love Chinese food nonetheless.

The question now is: why did I do that?

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