Shadow Children Chronicles: Wilters

Here’s a look at my current creative project SCC: Wilters

cover 2

Stock Image by: MariaAmanda on DeviantArt; Edits done by Me

Wilters. They’re born. They Wilt. They die. And in some instances, they turn to killers.

Not all Wilters turn into their killer counterparts, but more dead Wilters than usual have washed up on the shores of Avallinia–their characteristic brown eyes turned blue. As the second largest genocide in Avallinian history unfolds, officials turn a blind eye, their attention drawn to the rise of the schedubae–a once extinct species now making appearances all across the Realm.

Sixteen-year-old Sirenia de los Santos is a Wilter living in exile on Earth, but with the kidnapping of her younger sister, she leaps a portals back to the lands she’s forbidden from re-entering and finds herself in the hands of her people’s persecutor.

In this Young Adult fantasy series, readers follow Sirenia from being of the marginalized to being of the people who may be the only ones who can save the Avallinian empire from the dark forces within.It’s a YA fantasy novel that follows Sirenia de los Santos as she tries to figure out who is responsible for the genocide of her people known as the Wilters.


The project was recently completed on 04/28/16. It now awaits a final read through before being submitted to an agent/editor.

More information on the project can be found on the website HERE.

Read the first 4 chapters HERE.

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