[SCC] Update + Finished


Final Word Count: ~83,000

Total Chapters: 45





No, I did not just whip out 50,000 words in a week (I can’t even do Nanowrimo…except for that one time). I’m not that crazy and sleep does call, but I did whip out ~25,000.

The manuscript was officially finished on Tuesday night (March 22, 2016) and I’ve been going through some edits (I’m only on chapter 6 with edits). But I’ll detail more below!

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[SCC] Weekly Update

Working on: Chapter 6
Word Count: ~15, 200

Weekly updates will follow from here on out. Just so I have a record of where I am and what progress I’m making with my writing. I find keeping these records is helping me, especially when I’ve found myself feeling like I haven’t accomplished much or am not getting anywhere.

My goal is to hit 80,000 words (which is standard for YA fantasy). I have room for 10,000 extra words if needed, but I would like to at leasts hit 80,000 by the start of May. So far, I’m on good track. I’ve learned how to squeeze in the writing throughout my schedule, so I’m at least writing a little bit everyday, even if it means I have to push homework a little. But it’s all good. The progress is what matters.