When I Doubt being an English Major

[SCC] Update: Currently revising Chapter 21

So I recently met with an advisor to go over all my requirements for my English degree. I’m finishing earlier than I expected, then again, I took 2-4 English/Creative Writing courses every semester. I still have another year left of college and I’m planning out my schedule, and I’m finding myself itching to take more English/Creative Writing courses still. Don’t get me wrong, I probably should, but taking so many in the early years of college happened to put me behind on finding a minor (I have one now!) and finishing my university’s CORE requirements. Good thing I have one year left, huh?

But the funny thing is,  now that I’ve [almost] finished my English requirements, I’ve started to question my decision of being an English major (bro, you’re too late).


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[WT] Balancing Writing & College

I was able to whip out a 100,000+ manuscript in three months back in high school and get it revised within a month after that. I thought, WOW, I could do this all throughout college and get published before I graduate.


Boy was I wrong. Oh, so, disappointingly wrong and delusional.


College (and work) takes over your life (at least it did for me). There’s this Pick Two meme that circulates pretty often. You pick two between the three options of sleep, good grades, and having a social life. Knowing me, sleep is great (as much as I wish I could only sleep two hours and work like that), but I get pretty light headed if I don’t at least get six hours of sleep. So sleep is a necessity. I get good grades for the sake of my parents because they did let me drop my Pre-Med track to take up an English major. So social life, which I often sub for writing/reading life, had to be reduced/cut.


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But here’s the thing. Writing and reading keeps me mentally and emotionally stable. Literally. So how do I balance the three options? The answer differs for everyone, and it took me two and a half years to figure this one out. Continue reading