[SP] Writing Memes: “Haha, Same”

Much memes, me like.

Internet Meme is a language which I am quite fluent in. I drop references throughout the day that get my co-workers, friends, and family asking me to shut the hell up. I can’t help it though, memes are a part of me and my everyday life.

My favorite memes include:

But as a writer, this meme wins:


This was the most accurate one out there, particularly for me (there are a ton of other variations). All the other ones had family members thinking you being a writer equates to something magical (or simply sleeping), but for me, my parents are overly concerned with my financial status as a writer, aka, they think I’ll be homeless and broke.

Which is okay so long as I can buy pens and paper to keep on writing. The last picture is pretty accurate, but I also have a tendency to distract myself for an hour when I sit myself down to write before actually writing (and getting to the point in the picture). This often includes me going downstairs to bother my brother, taking a snack break, watching something on Netflix, going through e-mails (every five minutes), using social media, and setting myself up to write (get the candle, get my playlist started, pull out all documents I’ll need, grab some more snacks from the kitchen, get into pajamas, and down several shots of Jack Daniels). I’m kidding on the last one. 

Some other writer memes that are my favorite or my reaction is literally “Same”:

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[SP] Social Media Promo[no]tion

I’m sorry Prof., this will be the one blog post that doesn’t exactly follow the assignment… Here goes it:

Okay, I’ll be honest and say I didn’t want to write up this blog post because I often think social media shout-outs are bogus unless there’s a legitimate reason why you’d shout-out a person’s social media information, and not simply because you’re doing a Promo-for-Promo kind of thing. 132687-funny-rihanna-follow-for-follow

I say this because I had a relatively bad experience with this dosomething-for-something thing that happens online (wow, Jo. “thing” is such an educated word for an English major), and since then I just don’t do it.

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[SP] GarageBand Adventure: CLICK EVERYTHING

Intro Track: The XX ‘s “Intro” covered by City of the Sun at Sofar NY 2014
Outro Track: New Blood” by Koda

(I highly recommend listening to City of the Sun’s whole performance on YouTube, they are AMAZING. They’re also always performing out in New York for free in the subway, Times Square, and Central Park, so next time you head out there, try finding them and listening to them live. Worth the effort.)

I learn by doing for the most part, and I’m definitely the one who tosses the IKEA instructions and jumps right in. This also applies to any sort of program. I grew up in the age of CD-Roms that you put into the drive and clicked a series of folders to get to the game. That mentality has stuck with me ever since: CLICK EVERYTHING UNTIL IT WORKS.

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[SP] Oh GIMP, You’ll have to Do

I’ve had a lot of experience with PhotoShop since way back in middle school, and I primarily thank that to MySpace (who I also thank for introducing me to HTML and CSS). I’ve done standard photo touch-ups for pictures my family likes to blow up or send to relatives to doing photo-manipulations for mock-up book covers. I’ve got a bunch of mock-up cover examples HERE.

waiting for a miracle

Stock image courtesy of Dazzle-Stock on DeviantArt; Edits done by me and was originally posted to my old DeviantArt account that was deactivated.

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