[BR] Down These Mean Streets – Piri Thomas

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Down These Mean Streets by Piri Thomas

Rating: ★★★★ 1/2
Page Count: 331 pages (Vintage Reprint – 1997)
Read Time: ~14 days following class syllabus
Genre: Non-Fiction (Memoir)
Cry-O-Meter: 5/10 (out of sadness and anger)
Break down: Readers follow the narrator (a black Puerto rican) from early adolescence  to adulthood; from Piri spending his days out on the streets of Spanish Harlem (& “Italian turf”) and falling down a path of drugs, violence, and crime, eventually leading to his incarceration. We follow the narrator from Harlem and Long Island, to down South, to jail, and to Harlem. The book covers the above mentioned topics and is heavily immersed in discussion of self-identity and race.
Would I recommend? 100% yes.
Recommended Reading Age: The book does delve into sex and drug use meant for an older/more mature crowd, but I am for not censoring the reading experience for a younger audiences if they decide to pick the book up. I would say starting around 15-years-old should be fine if the reader is mature about the topics involved.

Everything happened yesterday. Trina was yesterday. Brew was yesterday, Johnny Gringo was yesterday. I was a kid yesterday and my whole world was yesterday. I ain’t got nothing but today and a whole lot of tomorrow.

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[BR] Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Book was audiobook with Audible.com. I listened to this while on commutes between school and home. It is the first in The Lunar Chronicles. Second book: Scarlet (2014)

Story Rating: ★★★★1/2
Audiobook performance Rating: ★★★★★
Released: January 08, 2013
Page Count: 387 pages (Square Fish; 2013 – Paperback)
Audiobook Time: 10 Hours 6 Minutes (via Audible – Narrated by Rebecca Soler)
Audiobook Speed: 1.25X
Genre: Young Adult Sci-Fi (Fairytale Retelling of Cinderella)
Summary: Cinder, a young mechanic cyborg tries to navigate life in New Beijing during an outbreak of letumosis (aka Blue fever) in the midst of her empire trying to make alliances with Luna’s (the moon) queen–Levana who is known for her beauty and mind controlling abilities as a Lunar. Along the way Cinder “befriends” a scientist (Dr. Erland) who is working on a cure for Letumosis, and the emperor regent, Prince Kaito.
Would I recommend? Yes….yes!

Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time.

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