[DCIM] Pink Beard Option Please

Fanart, what a wonderful time to be alive when Fanart is alive and well and plenty. It’s beautiful to be part of a fandom, whether it be book, movie, television show, artist or other, and find a plethora of Fanart online. Sites like Tumblr and DeviantArt make it easy for fans to gain access to FanArt and share FanArt as well. It was on Tumblr I found artists like Burdge & Viria, both Tumblr famous for their contributions to fandoms such as Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and a variety of animes (bless their souls) that inspired me to jump in with my own contribution. They (and many others) make drawings that follow canon and/or are part of AUs (alternate universes). They also make scenes that take place in the canon universe but fill in plots that were never explored or expanded on.

Fanart is more about taking characters that already exist and creating art with them. It’s not necessarily about creating yourself in the universe of that character, like this week’s assignment post. That’s more along the line of creating an OC (original character) that will then take part of that universe. But at the same time, maybe OC-art is still Fanart, considering OC-driven stories taking place in existing universes still falls under fanfiction.

Either ways, here are my “contributions” to The Peanut Movie and the remake of Powerpuff Girls (and thank heavens in the original art style) using their official Peanutize & Powerpuff Yourself games.


wallpaper (1)

As you can see, both games have very different art styles, one more CGI and the other tradition 2-D. They offer a handful of options for each of their customizable settings (eyes, hair, clothes, items, backgrounds), appealing to a somewhat wide range of audiences from men and women, kids and adults. Both are fun, but I did have some issues with the Peanut Movie game.

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