[SCC] Happy Birthday Sirenia!

Happy birthday to the protagonist of my series SCC: Wilters Sirenia de los Santos!

Here’s a look back on her in some older drawings (2013-2015)


And her now [finally!]

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[SCC] Chapter 2 Available!

Head over to sccwilters.weebly.com to read the latest chapter to my series Shadow Children Chronicles: Wilters.



Chapters Completed: 4 + prologue

Current Word Count: ~11,430

Words on the progress: I’m taking less classes than what I’ve been taking before and I recently reduced my hours at work. I’ve got a cheap laptop I bring around everywhere, I get to campus an hour and a half earlier than my late morning (9:50) class. Although i juggle between wanting to write, read ahead for class, and/or play Pokemon Black version, I am managing to get some writing in as I wait for classes through the day. I’m also making progress on the audiobook! Guys! It’s looking like a good semester! I should have the draft ready and [relatively] revised by May and have it out to my contact this June!!!!!


Gif courtesy of wifflegif.com; Show: New Girl on Fox