The Importance of High-Fives

So every time I come up with a “brilliant” idea, or hit a word count when writing, or finish reading/working on an assignment–I like to celebrate. For the most part I reward myself with snack time, just because I get the munchies when I’m working my brain. ANYWAY. Aside from food, I sometimes like to high-five myself.


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It’s because I find it important to celebrate the little accomplishments and obstacles I’ve overcome (big and small really). Celebrating the little things helps keep the positive vibes going. You didn’t get to finish reading that article for tomorrows class? That’s okay, high-five yourself for at least submitting that last assignment on time. High-five yourself for getting up in the morning when you’d rather stay in bed and probably watch Netflix. High-five yourself for choosing that healthier food option or for managing to walk from one end of the campus to the other without loosing your breath. High-five yourself for not being late to class and for getting through a class without looking at the clock. High-five yourself for finally talking to that guy/girl you’ve been eyeing, or or not getting scratched by the neighborhood cat when you try to pet them (mega-high-five for that one).

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