SCC:Wilters Revisions Complete

The title of the post pretty much speaks for itself 🙂

On April 28, 2016 at 9:50 am (just as my morning class was about to start) I finished the first rounds of revision for SCC:Wilters!


But seriously guys. I tried so hard not to freak out while the Prof. was calling attendance. 

Now, this doesn’t mean the manuscript is set to head on out to the agent/editor just yet. It just means the book is ready for line edits, which is different from revisions.

Here’s a quick rundown of my writing process (not that different from others):

  1. Brief outlining, which often includes a lot of crying and several notebooks being filled with unnecessary information that readers will never know about, but I totally need to know.
  2. Write shit and ignore the fact there are plot holes everywhere!
  3. Cry and delete everything I’ve written.
  4. Start from scratch.
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 at least four times.
  6. Find something you really like and finish the manuscript.
  7. Pretend to let it sit for a little while before revisions, but really you jump into revisions right away.
  8. Revisions
    • Solve (not fix, because fixing is not solving) any plot holes
    • Make sure things are consistent
    • Add details, remove details, move details
    • Correct any grammar or punctuation mistakes that make your inner grammar-nazi cry
  9. Repeat step 7
  10. Line edits to make sentences sound better, fix misspellings, grammar, punctuation and make it seem like you actually care about this project
  11. Final read through
  12. CRY A LOT
  13. Send it!



I find myself asking this question more and more often.


This is why you try not to ask your writer friends how they’re writing is going, because most likely, they’re stuck at Step 5 in an infinite Sisyphean cycle. Step 5 and Step 12.

It’s terrible for people who have no patience for anything. Which is partially me because I already got proof copies printed even before I did my line edits. I have the proof copies for my beta-readers to read through to see if it makes sense, what areas need to be redone or make no sense, and to give me a general idea of what is working and what isn’t. That way, when I do start line edits, I have those in mind. Then I can go back another time for revision session 2, and then finish this up.

May 18 is the magical date guys. May 18. I will likely be really dead by then, so please start sending in your RSVPs for my funeral.

Anyway, here’s the cover I’ve decided on for this version. As mentioned, I like to make mock-up covers for any version of my manuscript.


cover 2

Stock image provided by MariaAmanda on DeviantArt; Photography by Jan Holte Teller; Edits by me

NOTE: Copies with this cover will NOT be sold. The covers are for nonprofit purposes, simply to put a face to the project. This will not likely be the cover for the final project either (unless my agent decides yeah, why not, and then pay the stock artist for the rights to use it).




Johene Pauline


[SP] Help Spread the Word! (If you’d like)

Lots of fun things to update you guys on regarding the SCC:Wilters project.

9266824First, remember how I mentioned I like doing mock-up book covers? Yeah? Well I like making a mock-up cover for every new draft I have of my manuscript, something that suits the story a little more. I really liked the last cover I was working with, but the title changed (I added an -s) and, like the dummy I am, forgot to save the .xcf file of the cover (I used GIMP). So I can’t just make the few adjustments to get that darn -s in. I literally have to make the whole cover from scratch, which is a pain in the ass because I did this (like) a year ago? I can’t even remember how I did a few things. I used faestock’s stock on DeviantArt. Her stock is phenomenal, so if you ever do any mock-up covers as well, go check her stuff out–very versatile. Also make sure to look at her stock rules as well. It’s pretty lax and easy to follow 🙂

I have a new manuscript so a new mock-up cover was probably going to happen anyway. Here it is! Well, a background version. I’m still working on trying to orient it for my proof copies (not for sale). I also like keeping physical prints of each manuscript for record keeping 😉 They all suck. But here the new mock up!

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[SCC] Update + Finished


Final Word Count: ~83,000

Total Chapters: 45





No, I did not just whip out 50,000 words in a week (I can’t even do Nanowrimo…except for that one time). I’m not that crazy and sleep does call, but I did whip out ~25,000.

The manuscript was officially finished on Tuesday night (March 22, 2016) and I’ve been going through some edits (I’m only on chapter 6 with edits). But I’ll detail more below!

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[SCC] Update + Killing Your Darlings

Current Stats:
Word Count: 13,462
Chapter: 7

My goal was to hit 50,000 words by today, but that mentality was when I was on a “I’m currently at ~31,800 words” track. 50,000 words would have been possible, had I not eaten Chinese food and gone crazy and decide to scrap those 31,800 words and start again. I still love Chinese food nonetheless.

The question now is: why did I do that?

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[SCC] Happy Birthday Sirenia!

Happy birthday to the protagonist of my series SCC: Wilters Sirenia de los Santos!

Here’s a look back on her in some older drawings (2013-2015)


And her now [finally!]

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[SCC] Chapter 2 Available!

Head over to to read the latest chapter to my series Shadow Children Chronicles: Wilters.



Chapters Completed: 4 + prologue

Current Word Count: ~11,430

Words on the progress: I’m taking less classes than what I’ve been taking before and I recently reduced my hours at work. I’ve got a cheap laptop I bring around everywhere, I get to campus an hour and a half earlier than my late morning (9:50) class. Although i juggle between wanting to write, read ahead for class, and/or play Pokemon Black version, I am managing to get some writing in as I wait for classes through the day. I’m also making progress on the audiobook! Guys! It’s looking like a good semester! I should have the draft ready and [relatively] revised by May and have it out to my contact this June!!!!!


Gif courtesy of; Show: New Girl on Fox