This is the epigraph for my series. This also happens to be the first time I wrote it down back in 2011 (luckily I saved it in a box!)

I write often, but my stories are pieces that I definitely take more time on, so I don’t have many that I like to share, but when I do, you’ll be the first to get it (aside from professors or peers who might get it in class or beforehand).

Everything here will be a short stories for the most part. I will designate another page for anything that’s considered part of a longer piece or projects.

Generally, my short stories are contemporary fiction because anything that requires some world building on my part or major plotting ends up as a larger piece. I may in the future delve into writing shorter fantasy or adventure pieces, which will also be posted here (if I ever decide to give those a try). Most of what may be posted as of right now is creative non-fiction since I’m in a CWNF class at the moment.

Updates to any of the pieces will be linked as an (X) as well for anyone who wants to see how it’s changed.

Please tell me what you think (comments, suggestions, criticisms). Anything will definitely be taken into consideration and will be much appreciated! A good writer isn’t without comments, suggestions, and/or criticisms.




A Home of My Own


Just a Few More Minutes

Lampas sa Puno ng Saging (X)

Giraffes in September Rain


Balancing Writing & College

Books that Shaped My Life

Killing your Darlings

The Importance of Critique Partners

Why I don’t Read while I Revise

Why the Writing Process is like Playing Pokemon

Writing Memes: “Haha, Same”

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